Albanian Red Hot

Species Capsicum annuum
Heat Medium(5k-75k)
Pod Size(cm) 17x6
Pod Color Green > Red (Embroidered)
Plant Color Green
Maturity 0


Another of the rare embroidered peppers with a lot of corking, such as Vezena Piperka and Potato Market Jalapeño, this one is both huge and amazing-looking. What a find!!!The aroma was sweet and very rich, with a lot of aromatic components and a woodsy, almost mushroomy element. Very complex and appealing!!! The flavor was even better than the aroma. Very sweet upfront, with a lot of nice acidity to balance that developing second. A great deal of nutty richness that set off the flavor beautifully, along with lovely tones of aromatic flavours. Dare I say Umami? The Japanese concept of an almost indescribable sense of flavor, in addition to the usual sweet, salty, bitter and sour.

also known as Acı kırmızı Arnavut


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