Mako Akokosrade

Species Capsicum chinense
Heat Very Hot(150k-799k)
Pod Size(cm) 6-8, about the size and shape of a little finger
Pod Color Yellow, deepening to gold with age
Plant Color Green
Maturity 90
Origin Ghana, W.Africa


Mako Akokosrade means "yellow pepper" in Twi language. One of the most interesting peppers out there.
Plant produce abundant quantities of wrinkled, pointed, dark yellow peppers. Intensive Habanero aroma, with strong notes of melon and even a little mango. Beautiful pepper.


  • taste:★★★★★
    By mRHcp

    Mako Akokosrade are rare yellow peppers from Ghana. Unique taste, hot, sweet as in sugar, wonderful smell and unique heat pattern. Mako's are simply highly tasty. I'm very proud that I've managed to grow the in my garden.