Scotch Bonnet MoA

Species Capsicum chinense
Heat Hot (100k-800k shu)
Pod Size(cm) 5x6
Pod Color Yellow-orange, or Red
Plant Color Green
Maturity 80
Origin Jamaica


This World renowned improved yellow Scotch Bonnet variety with parent lines bred in Jamaica for higher tolerance to Gemini and Poty Viruses.

Scotch Bonnet type pepper which has a bright yellow berry colour when mature and can also be marketed as a smooth skin dark green pepper. The fruit has a distinct bonnet shape and is suited for fresh fruit export and hot sauce production; the flavour is mild, but pungent and is also hotter than Habaneros with a Scoville Heat Unit of only 250,000. It is an ideal variety for yellow pepper mash production, drying into flakes, roasting, and production of jelly, chutneys, jerk seasonings, or fresh chops.

Scotch Bonnet Yellow ripe berries can be harvested 70 days after transplanting and will remain in harvest for another 150-180 days. This variety can produce yields of 20-25 tonnes/ha under best management practices.


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