7 Pot Bubblegum Red

Species Capsicum chinense
Heat Superhot(800k+)
Pod Size(cm) 4
Pod Color Red
Plant Color Green
Maturity 100


Created by Jon Harper from the UK. This unique pepper has a very sweet floral smell followed by extremely hot 7 pod like taste. The pepper is among the hottest in the world. What differentiates this pepper is not just the flavor and heat, but also the interesting exceptional calyx growing on the pod. The thick oversized calyx turned red “bleeding” when pods are left on the plants for longer times. Even though this variety is over 6 years old and consistency is present among generations, there are still variations in pods share and growing characteristics.


  • taste:★★
    By admin

    This pepper takes FOREVER to ripen. The peppers are not particularly large or productive. The taste and heat are ok.
    Generally just don't recommend this pepper unless you want it for the looks.